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Prices and Offers


The bust of one character: 25 uro.

The upper body: 50 uro.

The whole body: 75 uro.

Every further characters: +50%.

Example: You want me to draw two characters' upper bodies? 50 €uro (for the first) + 25 €uro (for the second) = 75 €uro.

Extras like Wings, Tails, Horns, Halos and such are included of course!


Single-Color with the shadow of your characters on it: 0 €uro.

Simple background (1 hour work): 20 €uro.

Complex background (up to 3 hours): 50 €uro.

You can also recycle backgrounds from my gallery for 0 €uro.


Classicals like Dragons, Giants, Elementals: 25 €uro.

Specials like hybrids from different animals, Beholders, gibbering mouthers and such are matter of negotiations starting with 50 €uro.


Like special creatures, maps must always be matter of negotiations starting with 50 €uro.

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