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  • Gregor

I thought about a funny challenge lately! What if group of artists creates a monster by choosing different body parts from different animals. The result would be a chimera and mostly fun!

So I created this:

It says:

- Choose a creature

- Choose a body part of the creature

- Draw / Paint it!

- Send it to your artist buddy, who chooses another creature and body part.

- Your buddy sends their's to another artist and so on!

- The result is a fun monster and a whole chain of artists!

... I chose a Mangrove Crab's scissors. :-)

This led to some questions:

1st: Do I use your picture or do I draw my own?

As you wish! You can either just use the PSD-File your buddy provided to you or you just redraw everything you got in your own perspective and style!

2nd: What qualifies as a bodypart?

I would say the following should be the standard-bodyparts (choose one of those):

Head, Torso, Legs, Arms, Wings, Tail.

3rd: Is there a timeline?

No ... Yes ... maybe? I would say, if you get the challenge from your buddy, make it within a week or two. But you can play around with this as long as you wish to.

4th: Is there a price to win?

You meet other artists, network, connect, have fun. You see how others work with your provided piece. But I don't provide a price for a winner!

So, that's it! Hope this qualifies as a Q&A!

Have fun, draw, love, repeat!


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